, September 10
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From Jan

Was picked up at 6:30am to go to Msonkhamanja Church.  6 spirit filled choirs.  If we need inspiration for this trip, we got it this morning!!  After church, we went to the nursery to deliver all the baby clothes, diapers and quilts you donated to the nursery. Met a 4 month old baby who weighed 1kg (2.2#) at birth.  He now weighs 3kg (6.6#) and is very healthy and all without incubators, etc.  Can't send any pictures today, but will try tomorrow. Have had a few hours of CNN so can keep up with Irma.  We are thinking of all of you. 

Here is our schedule so you can know how to pray for us -
9/11 Buy food for feeding centers & nursery
9/12 Mobile Medical Clinic - Khwamda
9/13 Purchase food, supplies & firewood
9/14 Mobile Medical Clinic - Selengo
9/15 Jan & Rita go to visit Hoaglin's World Vision child
9/16 Vacation Bible School with African Bible College in Mponela
9/17 Church at Kaning'a
9/18 Buy & deliver food and work at nursery
9/19 Mobile Medical Clinic -Chimwang'ombe
9/20 Buy food, deliver, & nursery
9/21 Mobile Medical Clinic - Katondo
9/22 School for the Blind - Malingunde
9/23 Vacation Bible School - Katondo
9/24 Head home

Love in Christ, Jan