, September 12
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From Jan

Today was a full day.  We left at 6:30am and got home at 8:30pm.  We saw 730 patients. It's not a record, but it seemed like a lot to us.  There were 4 clinical officers, 4 nurses, a lab person and a pharmacist, plus Rita and 2 other volunteers.

We saw many patients with various types of infections, and many were very serious.  Other patients had epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, musculoskeletal problems, and malaria. One 10 year old boy had a huge soft growth on the back of his head and down his jaw.  We took him and his mother in the bus with us to the hospital.  We hope to get a followup report on him. 

Rita and I were put in charge of admitting all the babies and children as well as their mothers.  They were very responsive to Rita but many were afraid of me. I am no longer called an Azunga, but an Agogo (grandma). Anyhow, it was fun holding all those little ones, some very ill.  We are so thankful to have good accessible health care at home. 

We heard the evacuation was lifted and you can return home.  We hope that your homes are OK.  It is impossible to explain what we are experiencing here.  We hope you are getting our pictures.

Love in Christ,  Jan, Rita, & Pete.