, September 15
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From Jan

Today,  Rita and I went to visit Matalisto, a 13 year old boy that Fred and I sponsor through World Vision. He lives about one hour away with his Mom, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers in a small village. We were saddened to hear that his little 4 year old sister has recently died and during the rainy season their house had collapsed. Their father left the family and gives no support. In spite of all these troubles, they were so happy to see us.They moved into their Grandmother's tiny 2 room house. We met the family and as many others who could fit into the one room.  Of the gifts we brought, Matalisto liked the soccer shirt, shorts, Legos, and soccer ball the best. As many needs as this family has, they still gave us a big bag of ground nuts, beans, onions and a huge papaya. It was a blessing to see this family smile, laugh and hug us in the midst of their sorrow.
Pete is working so hard buying and delivering all this food for 5,000 orphans that he has not had time to send you a message, but he promises to do so tomorrow. 

Love in Christ,