, September 19
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From Pete

I went to the village of Mponela this morning to pay and contract for firewood. The wood is 1/3 done now and should be completed by Saturday.

While there, I had the opportunity to see the their nursery school. These pictures are of the nursery school and the children who attend it.

Yesterday, I purchased over 2 tons of fortified porridge for these children and the children of the 5 other community centers. All of these children are orphans of very vulnerable families and communities.

In all of the years that I have been coming to Malawi, I've never seen how wonderful this nursery school is and how happy the children are to be at the school. They are learning, are happy, and have been fed. Maybe a project for the next trip will be to paint and decorate the inside of this little building.

This afternoon, Daniel and I went shopping for Likisina. We will visit her at the Malingunde School for the Blind on Friday. We have a good amount of supplies for her and her schoolmates.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

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From Jan

Today we did a Mobile Medical Clinic in Chimwang'ombe.  Saw over 400 patients. Lots of upper respiratory infections, some malaria, other infections, etc. 

When the clinic was almost over, a very thin man, his wife and 10 year old son arrived carrying 3 tiny babies.  The mom had these triplets a month ago.  They looked like newborn preemies.  The mom had not had anything to eat in 2 days and had very little breast milk to feed these very weak little ones. We fed the family and began to plan the best way to help this family.  They have 3 other children at home.  Without a lot of help, these babies will not survive. 

Keep these in your prayers.